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Wed, 12 Sep 2012 @ 19:12:52

That's right, goto the downloads page and test away:


Report any bugs in here.
edited by blandyuk on 12/09/2012

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Wed, 12 Sep 2012 @ 21:14:39

Hi Blandy

Thank you very much this is great news !

Oh congrats on the 3 x Radeon HD 5870 !!! They are great cards, sadly I only have one of them.

Hash File selection drag and drops works !!!

.hccap now defaults to WPA hash type !!!

Thank you !

Feature Request : Drag and drop in rules window. In fact in all windows would be nice if that is possible.

Feature Request : Please can each option box have its own memory ? Browse button on each setting remembers the last location the user went to for that particular feature.

Feature Request : Benchmark option (already built into hashcat-plus)

Feature Request : In the About screen please don't include SystemName:

Feature Request : Tick box to enable/disable the pot file (Pixel)

Feature Request : Allow user to pipe hashcat to hashcat-plus for table lookup atack on .hccap's

Feature Request : In the word list screen can there be two buttons ... Select All and De-Select All please ?

I have been thinking a little more about this recently. I guess now that ATI does not support XP anymore I suppose you may as well remove all XP code from your GUI Blandy. At least it may thin it out a little for you and you won't have to keep checking different OS's.

edited by Hash-IT on 15/09/2012

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