NOTE: When cracking WPA/WPA2 passwords, make sure you check first incase it's already been processed.

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Due to the number of SCAMS going on in the PAID forum, PLEASE ask an ADMIN or MODERATOR to verify ALL found passwords to ensure you are not being SCAMMED.
DO NOT PAY until an ADMIN or MOD has verified them for you!

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Before submitting WPA handshakes please consider the following.

Please do not clean your *.cap file Post your original (uncleaned) *.cap file, also.

Attach both the .cap and the .hccapx files in your post.

When posting state the name of the AP (network) you wish to test.

Provide any additional information you can such as...

Language for the wordlists.

Detail the efforts you have already made to test the handshake.

Type of network if known.

Any information known about the target network or the person who set the password which may be useful. This helps with list selection.

Please read the forum rules. | Please read the paid section rules.


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