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Sat, 17 Dec 2016 @ 14:12:37

A month ago I used wifite to crack WPS pin on the same 3 TALKTALKXXXXXX APs, got the keys no problem.

Recently I tried again since I reformatted HDD reinstalled OS and the keys were saved on the HDD. Using wifite/reaver/wpspixie does not work anymore for the same networks.

Now when I try it manually it says cannot associate with [MAC]. Wifite gives up after a second "WPS key not found". I know for a fact that the routers were not changed. Was it a new firmware update that fixed pixie dust vulnerability on Talktalk routers? Or is it the kali-linux-2016.2-amd64? Or my hardware? It's the same setup.

1 Results - Page 1 of 1 -

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