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Fri, 16 Sep 2011 @ 16:01:48

The new oclHashcat-plus was released:

Hello Hashcat users,

I am really proud to release this new version 0.06 of oclHashcat-plus to public. It contains a lot of new features, improvements, changes and bugfixes.

As you may already know, the highlight is the new WPA/WPA2 kernel.
This new oclHashcat-plus was faster than every other WPA cracker in every configuration i had tested.
Especially owners of AMD cards and owners of multi-gpu systems will see a neat improvement. But dont expect too much.
The rumours saying its 3 or 4 times faster than other WPA crackers are true, but only because of a very special case (Big number of GPUs).
What makes the oclHashcat-plus WPA/WPA2 kernel really unique is that it calculates the full WPA handshake on GPU.
It calculates the PMK, the PTK and the final EAPOL HMAC, everything on GPU. So its not just the PMK.
Doing everything in GPU results in 0% CPU usage and therefore saves a lot of energy and gives a lag-free desktop.

But WPA isnt everything. There is also many other new algorithms added.
For example mscash2 (DCC2), vBulletin (both salt versions), Cisco PIX, SHA256 etc.., see changelog for full list.
I also improved the performance of the already supported algorithms by optimizing them for the current state of the art GPUs.
For example; NTLM and DEScrypt on the 4xx and 5xx NVidias is +27.15% and +28.91%.
On AMD I focused on hd69xx tuning and achieved +16.07% again on DEScrypt.

Some new features many of you will like:

The support for a potfile and therefore the parameter using it: --show, --left and --usernames (finally usernames).
This is useful in hashlist management.
The first "real" ported alternative attack vector from hashcat CPU: the Permutation-attack.
Hint: For best performance, use the prepare utility from hashcat-utils with your dictionaries. It reorders their content so that you can unique the resulting dictionary afterwards.
Fine-tuned and re-calibrated default workload settings depending on the combination of GPU-type and algorithm.
This greatly reduces desktop lags.
The status screen got a complete facelift (additional informations like GPU-Idle, reject counter etc.)

Due to the massive changes of core code, all the new kernels and the new features, it may occour you face some bugs.
Beta testers did a really great job finding them and all the reported bugs have been fixed.
If you find bugs or any other irregularities do not hesitate to report them on Hashcat Forum or on #hashcat IRC channel on rizon.

Enough said. HF Guys!!!

Download it here:

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Fri, 16 Sep 2011 @ 16:16:16

YES!! I am so happy Atom, u r awesome!!

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