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Home - General Discussion - OCL vs Nvidia what GPU is the best?

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Team V3n0m15G0D

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Sun, 18 Nov 2012 @ 23:49:28

Hi all, I am new to this form. I would like everyone's input on OCL vs Nvidia. What is the best graphics card to use? I want to upgrade my GTX295 which is really 2 GPUs in one. I want to buy a graphic card that will atleast double the amount of passwords a second on WPA hashs. Currently with the one 295 I have now I benchmark around 23000 a second. I wish to install 3 of the same cards, I need one to display and the other two cards can be tesla. I would like any feed back if possible. Currently on my one GPU ( technically two) I get about 1.6 billion passwords a second on str8 MD5 hashs. This of course is combined CPU's and GPU together. I get about 236 M a sec off my CPU and over 1400+ Million a second with my GPU. I am never satisfied and want more power, my PSU is 1500 watts, I am running 24 GB DDR3 on an ASROCK extream with 3 PCIx slots. I had a ASROCK supercomputer mobo that I bought off eBay, however it was a lemon, carefull on what you buy offline. Thanks guys,

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Mon, 19 Nov 2012 @ 08:33:14

AMD cards are a lot faster than NVIDIA cards, here is a chart:

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