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Sun, 30 Jul 2017 @ 16:15:26

ERROR: invalid hex len with hashkiller-dict wordlist and hashcat software.

for a long time i'm not update wordlist collected by hashkiller at this link : http://home.btconnect.com/md5decrypter/hashkiller-dict.rar

today i downloaded and updated it and use with hashcat (CPU and GPU) to test some md5 hash and i got an error message: ERROR: invalid hex len

I have a quick review and found a prolem is string lenght of all word of hashkiller-dict.txt is begin with $HEX[...] is too long and hashcat stop working, maybe hashcat limit string length of password or have BOF bug...

So i post this problem to forum with my resolve is remove all line of this wordlist begin with $HEX[ and use this hashkiller-dict.txt with hashcat normal.

If you have any other solution to resolve this error, you can share it to me and all member in Hashkiller forum.


Rep+ is appreciated!

1 Results - Page 1 of 1 -

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