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SQL server 2005 and 2008:

SELECT name, password_hash FROM [master].sys.sql_logins;


0×0100- constant header
5F36CC441485B35C4D84687DC02C78B0E680411F - case sensitive hash

crack case sensitive hash in oclHashcat, PasswordsPro or Cain and Abel, try brute force and dictionary based attacks.

SQL Server 2000:

SELECT password from master.dbo.sysxlogins;


0×0100- constant header
34767D5C- salt
0CFA5FDCA28C4A56085E65E882E71CB0ED250341 - case senstive hash
2FD54D6119FFF04129A1D72E7C3194F7284A7F3A - upper case hash

crack the upper case hash in oclHashcat, PasswordsPro or Cain and Abel and then work the case sentive hash.

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