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Home - Website Feedback - Invalid strings in found files at List Manager (MD5)

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Sun, 02 Sep 2018 @ 08:21:13

Hi, I have found several hash-string pairs with odd semicollon in the string part in yesterdays' downloads.
Here are filenames and invalid lines from files:


2579.found(3).txt 8a6f2805b4515ac12058e79e66539be9:aa:123456
2579.found(3).txt d8fbf5b2d5dcb8e323af653e93fede10:ae:12345678
2582.found(3).txt 37edfebb7f0fdafa9026f569167e7852:db:a12345
2582.found(3).txt e7252853f06693e338bb5bba19788857:ad:7777777
2585.found(3).txt c2629aa3179ff182e39167a17f64bf18:e7:555555
2585.found(3).txt 9886268ff6fd9c07315e8d55543e147f:37:qwerty
2584.found(3).txt 3be3a1ec5d97077134cb7fd2ad264d73:72:qwerty
2584.found(3).txt 950ccedf7046b11a49f97453e00a012b:df:12345678
2584.found(3).txt 04f26e4cd934f5bd0f2b945cd891d333:ff:123321
2583.found(3).txt bdf4af9b2b34d2c4f1aaf240636af435:2b:123456
2583.found(3).txt 16ced4785dd4c82676f6d74a31adc72e:a0:7777777
2581.found(3).txt 7a31f4293c4be9d80d6cd209e2815dc3:ab:04021977
2581.found(3).txt d5e327a461f2d60f187af87111fee091:de:12345678
2581.found(3).txt a7f5a24988ec8496a08c562e04aedac6:ae:222222
2590.found(1).txt eff528e9035c10c27b97c6b57cc5df1f:ed:123456
2590.found(1).txt 31fcfca585bac12d51e478d08a0bdc1e:bd:123456789
2590.found(1).txt fc490306eae292e393310a7ceb1458a1:bb:123123123
2590.found(1).txt e8a6164dfc667dc3186578c137c988eb:cc:753951
2580.found(3).txt 81ef8a1855782239887f7befcc136a68:fd:123654
2580.found(3).txt 9509b33dc44737e933ee116028c6d0d0:fa:654321

Not sure if it is critical, since values in the DB seems correct (MD5 Decripter gives correct values for these hashes)
Haven't meet such issues before.

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