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Tue, 30 Oct 2018 @ 13:01:31

hi im newbie and i recieved this messageon

Your capture statistics: Access Points found: 4 Handshakes found: 3 ERROR! Your capture does not contain reliable ESSID sources (beacon frames, probe request/response frames) (C4:E9:84:8C:35:26 - C4:86:E9:E5:0E:BD) (C4:E9:84:8C:35:26 - 94:A2:E7:A2:39:A0) (28:3B:82:BF:26:6D - C0:C9:76:08:58:56) (38:D8:2F:18:37:60 - E8:50:8B:40:CA:F8) C235658BB8DD6C4EC8FF39C468102C2A HMAC_SHA1_AES M1+M2/M2, 1, 14.1ms, 0/0, !auth, 50% C235658BB8DD6C4EC8FF39C468102C2A HMAC_SHA1_AES M2+M3/M2, 1, 3.0ms, 0/1, auth, 100% (38:D8:2F:18:37:60 - 98:E0:D9:10:D7:E0) (38:D8:2F:18:37:60 - 3C:A1:0D:35:20:62) (02:AB:1B:52:37:39 - BC:20:10:6D:67:D4) (02:AB:1B:52:37:39 - 8C:EB:C6:3C:D8:5D) 19E660948ADA5538C2A125F21878139F HMAC_SHA1_AES M1+M2/M2, 1, 10.4ms, 1/1, !auth, 50%


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Tue, 30 Oct 2018 @ 14:18:13

Your need to have at least one beacon frame (or probe request/response frames, but beacon is better) in your capture file to determine target AP ESSID.
WPA password can't be cracked without knowing exact ESSID.

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