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7 days ago

Hello guys,

my name is Ivan and I've been following your forum for a while, and now I've decided to register for an opinion on a benchmark of an RX580 installed in a Breakaway 350 sonnet. I tested the above board on hashcat (in compute mode) and I get a hashrat of about 70,000 H / s for WPA2 and 10503.7 MH / s for MD5. Looking for beanchmarks made by other people I have seen that the same rx580 on wpa2 is able to push much more 224000 H / s. At this point I wonder if there is a problem in the enclosure or if this drastic heat of performance is due to the fact that I use a MBP 2014 with iGPU and then I had to run to enable the Thu2 Port. I wish you a good day.

+ Rep appreciated.

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