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7 days ago

Noticed Hashcat cracks hashes which are not exact but nearly so. What's the threshold for this? It's great but I want to know as I can also do this for HK.


4d9012b4a77a9524d675dad27c3276ab5705e5e8 <- Correct

20eabe5d64b0e216796e834f52d61fd0b70332fc <- Correct

7110eda4d09e062aa5e4a390b0a572ac0d2c0220 <- Correct


6bb4837eb74329105ee4568dda7dc67ed2ca2ad9 <- Correct

Largest I've seen is a 4 bytes as shown above. I need to check HK code as I "might" have done this already thinking about it. Simple function:

// Assumes byte arrays are equal.
public static byte ByteDiff(byte[] b1, byte[] b2)
byte c = 0;
for (var i = 0; i < b1.Length; i++) if (b1[i] != b2[i]) c++;
return c;

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7 days ago

It smells like openCL bug, unstable GPU setup, or bitmap table overflow.
First check the size of bitmap table (you can set its range using --bitmap-min and --bitmap-max switches)
If the bitmap is fine, send an issue to team official representative
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7 days ago

well hashes that are unique to each outer but have a long string in similarity are not necessary an abcuarity of the same password but some times are i think sha1 fall under this a lot
and a few so if you have one hash close it my be just the same pw whit a different suffix or prefix


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7 days ago

pasnger57 said:

so if you have one hash close it my be just the same pw whit a different suffix or prefix

That's totally false information.

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7 days ago

There's a simple explanation for this behavior. Hashcat only checks if 128 bits of a hash match (there are some exceptions).
In the case of SHA1 the first 32 bits are ignored. Which 128 bits differs from algorithm to algorithm. See hashconfig->dgst_pos0 (through dgst_pos3) in src/interface.c
The SHA1 hash of "test" is a94a8fe5ccb19ba61c4c0873d391e987982fbbd3 but you can change the first 32 bits to anything you want (e.g. deadbeefccb19ba61c4c0873d391e987982fbbd3) and hashcat will still crack it.

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