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Mon, 14 Jan 2019 @ 21:51:04

Noob here - trying to follow procedure.
1. Ran basic wordlists - rockyou, darkc0de and some smaller ones I found (my setup sucks worse than myspace).
2. Ran them on - no dice. ATT574A8c5 and Furtdangler are still pending - messaged their mods about it.
3. US based

ESSID: timyap BSSID: 18:31:BF:AC:DA:A8
ESSID: The Government Is Watching You BSSID: 5C:E3:0E:C2:F6:C6
ESSID: SBDB BSSID: 54:B2:03:25:0D:40
ESSID: @kota_theaussie BSSID: B0:B9:8A:26:7F:B3
ESSID: Furtdangler BSSID: 88:AD:43:7F:08:20
ESSID: ATT574A8c5 BSSID: 90:3E:AB:50:A0:C0
ESSID: ATT9IsC8sL BSSID: DC:7F:A4:52:49:95

+rep for the help, fellas and/or ladies!

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