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Fri, 19 Apr 2019 @ 11:40:40

I tried to upload type 2611 founds and found this error:

There were 8157 errors as shown below in your upload.
The RegEx use for the algorithm is: ^([0-9a-fA-F]{32})(:)(.{1,9})(:?)(.*)$
You can test via https://regex101.com/.

Mismatch Line 1: 0012db76e5d110b7faf226bb94ecdcd9:%0t:RubberDuck85
Mismatch Line 2: 001567dfa14878a2073ddcd161ed65fa:1Eh:rayroman1
Mismatch Line 3: 00191b79a5d95ddb49e3f3a9ee541778:Om!:gymrats100
[8k+ lines skipped]

Full error listing:

The RegExp used seems wrong to me because it catch up to 9 chars to group3 including semicolon and part of the password:


Match 1
Full match 0-49 0012db76e5d110b7faf226bb94ecdcd9:%0t:RubberDuck85
Group 1. 0-32 0012db76e5d110b7faf226bb94ecdcd9
Group 2. 32-33 :
Group 3. 33-42 %0t:Rubbe
Group 4. 42-42
Group 5. 42-49 rDuck85

Anyway it matched and still generates an error (?)

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