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Mon, 27 May 2019 @ 12:44:59

I have a rather complex request, to start off here is a single SHA256 hash


now i know the seed is 40 characters long, and uses "a-z" and "A-Z" and "0-9"
if someone can crack that in under a week that would be great, because it changes midnight every sunday.

now for the 2nd part, I have (6x) RX480 cards in a mining rig, and want to try and crack it myself using hashcat, could someone help me with the correct settings for this?

and a 3rd part, I would like to generate a list of seeds and their hashes based on the above mentioned spec, so that I can add it to hashkiller so that any future hashes can first me check against those hashes before trying to brute force that.

any help would be appreciated

1 Results - Page 1 of 1 -

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