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Tue, 04 Jun 2019 @ 12:24:50

i tried it for a few hours with my machine but can't crack this hash:$pkzip2$3*1*1*0*8*24*af38*6927*23c9906119b946396773485e4e153a55f83d17694379fa3f1ad78dad9ed5033b3c0f78c3*1*0*8*24*c034*6927*248b114745197f72ddcdf5d4fb1bb6441ff7a3d3a4df2f8a2007787105d38eb0e91de2dc*3*0*20ccd0*2394f3*b040d95d*83a841d*37*8*11*b040*6930**$/pkzip2$

Unfortunately i don't know anything about the password because it's from my sister and she can't remember...

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