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Home - Wireless Cracking - Capture pmkid and handshakes on Windows

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WARNING! User is BANNED and maybe a SCAMMER.

Step by step
Download CommView for Wifi (It's cracked versioni it may have virus. You can download from somewhere else)
Open it.
Click Nodes then slect "D, M, S" on upper right.
At the right top select "scanner mode" and scan all channels
Start scan, after 1 minute click "S" and disable it.
Then select only one channel (The closest router's channel)
Let it run for a while then stop it.

"log viewer"
"load commviwer logs"
Log folder is at "C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Documents\CommView for WiFi\LOGS
Select all
Click open.

After it's all opened click
export logs
wireshark/tcpdump format
Save on the desktop as NameOfFile.cap

Download wireshark
open NameOfFile.cap with wireshark
at the search area copy paste exactly that thing below

(wlan.fc.type_subtype == 0x08 || wlan.fc.type_subtype == 0x05 || (eapol && || eapol

then click file
export specified packages
click on "all packages" "displayed"
save as Name.cap on desktop

use that tool to convert it to hccapx format
try to crack by your own or post it on this forum.

-Post both cap and hccapx on the forum
-If you scan all the channels you will probably don't get usefull info
-When commview is working you can't connect to wifi you should close it for that
-I have no idea about how to extract pmkid from that cap file.

Feel free to tip if I helped. Don't forget to +rep

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