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Fri, 02 Aug 2013 @ 23:19:42

Good evening fellas.
With the permission of Blandyuk, I'm writing this tutorial for you fellas. Its about how to protect your computer of all kind of attacks.
Tutorial is written by me and every tool I present you here is personally tested and analyzed, so don't worry if there will be any sort of malicious software in that.

Lets start with some basic information first.

Virus types.


- When executed, keylogger viruses start displaying every single word you write on your keyboard on the attacker.
The virus might be configured to focus on browsers / games / applications (Skype/Steam/IRC...)
So keylogger's point is to collect passwords and usernames from infected computers.

RAT (Remote Administration Tools)

-RAT is the worst infection that you can ever get.
Why? Well, once executed on your computer the attacker can access all your computer data, devices, even your screen witch means that your computer is under the control of a remote person. He can browse and download your computer data, spying on you using your web camera, listening to you using your microphone.. Everything!

DDOS (Disturbed Denial of Service)

-While RAT's goal is to grant full access to your computer of a remote person, DDOS viruses goal is to only grant full control of your network resources to a remote person.

Why network only?
Well, most of you have heard about such attacks. This is a group of infected people, witch count reaching hundreds, even thousands! They are using mostly for attacking strong websites, networks and companies.

What makes DDOS attack so special?
While simple DOS attack can be traced, DDOS attacks are untraceable! Because there are no sign of the bot network master. Imagine, hundreds of computers are attacking one single network and none of them is the attacker itself.

File Infector

File infector viruses are pretty tricky.
Once the infected file is executed, they infect important files and folders of your system (system32/windows...). You are loosing nothing else than your system files that are cleaned automatically by your antivirus. Windows re-installation is enough to fix the problem.

There are many other virus types, but I don't thing its needed to present them all. The ones above are most common and often used attacks.

How to protect them viruses?

Well, I've got simple solution for them viruses.

There's a great antivirus and firewall software called &quotComodo&quot

This is a free version of the software. It works fine, once you install in you only need to update and configure it.


I will show you below how to configure it.


Also in order to avoid issues while browsing i suggest comodo dragon's browser

I'm using it since ages and to be honest it save me from phishing pages and others so many times..

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