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Fri, 30 May 2014 @ 14:17:46

I found about 8000 hashes in 32_hex which has this salt: ECT IS BEST
This might be helpful to fellow crackers

000319fe63ba95c5034508b7e7fccc68:ECT IS BESTVT05701
000f45a839126d1f84d5ebf55748edaa:ECT IS BESTMelissa2406
0010ab571b9fab9e0b975589b3a20063:ECT IS BESTHanna89
00204237f2333893a2fbbc34f62ca1ee:ECT IS BESTsas268455
0021078891895678542846ddc0b17b8c:ECT IS BESTwhiskymac2001
0023aad1a1c35273549b425d62f9f1e5:ECT IS BESTbirdbrain
00269dc48945a78246c788f3284159ee:ECT IS BESTsanrich
002d5e42754d7cb58ac9cdf8a09eb283:ECT IS BESTd3b3h34d
0034a9db4e72d61b61ebf5206cc66e67:ECT IS BESTallison23AK
00395ffdda9f39688f033c8f85fe2890:ECT IS BESTnhm6835
003aa096107d72b8ee878903eccca0bd:ECT IS BESTthefirs12

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