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Sun, 29 Apr 2012 @ 17:53:58

ever get sick of ctrl-v ctrl-c 24/7 and just wanna browse those simple topics with people only asking you for 1 hash??? If you have any setup like me, I have the old school tmto setup, so I have to actually echo hash > file ; ./ file .... pain in the ass for 1 hash... imho. So in newer versions of securecrt you can use the buttons at the bottom or map a key to run a script. This is a vbs script but its open source, no fear. blandy can vouche for me, I am oldschool Here to help, nothing less. Well I took my script a bit further. I actually have it check to see what you have in your clipboard.... if you have a hash from your current session it ./runs_this_program $1 \n done deal... im sure it could use a little error-checking but what the hell this was just for me... figured I would share it. Example - in use with the shell script from hasheponge to check the 3-4 public sites api's for plains...

' Lazy vbs script for myself (db_hash) - 2012
' I only ask people respect my code, I never claimed it was top notch, error proof, ready for google to buy it..ok? Thanks and enjoy plz

Const IDYES = 6

Sub Main()

Set objTab = crt.GetScriptTab
crt.Screen.Send "./maxi " & crt.Clipboard.Text & VbCrLf
'you can edit this however you like. IE: crt.Screen.Send "cd oclhashcat" & VbCrLf & "./oclhashcat-lite -m 0 " & crt.Clipboard.Text

strLines = Trim(objTab.Screen.Selection)

If strLines = "" Then
If crt.dialog.MessageBox("No text selected?" & VbCrLf & VbCrLf & "Use clipboard text?", BUTTON_YESNO) <> IDYES Then Exit Sub
strLines = crt.Clipboard.Text
End If

strLines = Replace(strLines, VbCrLf, VbCr)
strLines = Replace(strLines, VbLf, VbCr)
vLines = Split(strLines, VbCr)

For Each strLine In vLines
strLine = Trim(strLine)
If strLine <> "" Then
End If

End Sub

' The End


Anyone who has any questions I will be glad to answer, for those that don't quite get the concept, I will custom script a few out there, if you're a newb or message me about hacking facebook shit ever... grab a book? Beggers suck... Hope some of you get some use out of this.
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Sun, 29 Apr 2012 @ 18:20:54

i actually didnt understand it all.. but it looks like: "serves the purpose"
i use the twins (Copy&Paste) all the time xD (im actually quick at that)
i might post my way of doing all this sometime! : )

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