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Wed, 29 Jul 2015 @ 18:11:19

i have some idea's
and i think by using them we can crack more hashes

but firstly i want to say
no offence but i think list management ( here is poor
i saw many hashes list which are uploaded with wrong algorithm , many list are not sorted (some list have emails in them , some have space after hashes etc...) , some list's are also uploaded with their plain text (maybe want to cheat ) & same cracked hashes appear on lot's of list

i think admins ,moderators & trusted members should manage it
by managing those lists admin will get some free space in server & also it will save bandwidth

i also think that admin should write some code so whenever user upload a list the hashes server will also search those hashes on database
this will save crackers time , they dont have to waste their time on already cracked hashes & again this will also save bandwidth

Now some thing about API

blandyuk said:

As SmilingWolf says

I don't offer an API due to my last one being abused by another site which was charging for the founds! Not having it.

please add some restriction on API , so tat only members can use it

now i know its none of my business but i think admin should share his whole database with some other trusted sites (if he cant share it publicly)
atleast you can do that with some trusted & known websites for example
i saw many common hashes in hashkiller & list's
also there are many hashes whose plain text is available in database and vice versa
so this means crackers are wasting their time , money & electricity
so please think about it

now something about the bug
security risk level is low
but still i think you should do something about it i will provide its detail in PM


i am not able to send PM its showing "username not found"

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